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Increase your competitiveness and efficiency of your business. No matter in which area you act, our system is usable from sending a personal SMS messages to family, friends through small websites to mass sending a large number of SMS messages either to clients, co-workers or customers.

We offer you an efficient information and advertising tool that is based on using SMS messages. Currently everyone has mobile phone and especially in the foreign is used to receive and keep a new customers. Our services are perfectly prepared for all requests of your clients. These SMS messages are even cheaper than classical messages sent from mobile phones.

We know to offer you the most quality services for good prices, since sending a SMS message is practically direct to the network of mobile operator and then delivered to the recipient. Our SMS channels are characterized with high operating efficiency and very good prices. If you decide between high quality and low price, then we are good solution for you.

As one and only on the market, we guarantee you delivery of SMS messages. In case, if the message is marked as undelivered, at the end of the month we will refund you the credit you paid for it. So you will only pay for SMS messages really sent and delivered.

- an option to send SMS message up to 459 characters in one step
- a clear directory of contacts and number groups
- archive of sent SMS messages
- sending a mass SMS messages
- automatic sending for name's day, anniversary
- no activation or monthly charges
- information about delivery/non-delivery of SMS message
- funding the credit for undelivered SMS message
- sending a SMS message to more than 205 countries
- sending a SMS message from your number or other text (e.g. company.uk)
- a clear monthly statistics
- administration with immediate overview
- unlimited validity of credit
- implementation into your system FOR FREE
- no commitment
- discounts in larger number of sent SMS messages a month


the website was established and launched at the end of year 2010 and during that time on the market we have received a number of satisfied clients, who use our services daily and for a long time.

Our portal ensures SMS mobile marketing for many domestic as well as foreign clients, either from a line of companies or private persons. In each situation, we approach individually to the requests of our clients with regard to provide high-quality services and service.

We have not experienced any bigger failure or unavailability of services during the entire period of our operation. We have recently gone into a new system and so we can offer you even better services while preserving original and even lower price levels.

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