Implementation into your system is ensured by calling our PHP API function. Just enter a short program code into your website, app or system shown on this site, add login data that you entered when signing up, and fill text and phone number. Everything else will be done by our system.

Of course, you can use our administration for sending, where you can individually send the messages to groups of phone numbers immediately or you can schedule a date and time of sending.

$email = "your-email";
$pass = sha1("your-password");
$recip = "number-of-recipient"; //example 447123456789 (multiple numbers separated by comma - example 447123456789,447123456780,...)
$sender = "text appeared as the sender";
$message = "text of SMS message";

$message= urlencode($message);
if ($email && $pass && $sender && $message) {
$data = "?email=$email&pass=$pass&recip=$recip&sender=$sender&message=$message";
$file = fopen(''.$data,'r');
$result = fread($file,1024);
echo $result; }

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