Use of SMS messages

Give the comfort in use of the services to customers of your internet business. Through our system you can inform your customers, for example, about status of their order, news and discounts, and so on. Information SMS messages are more personal and customer can read them earlier than e-mail, because they can reach him anytime and anywhere. While advertising or information e-mail will be read by less than 60 % of users, information message will be viewed by almost 98 % of people who received it.

Own SMS gateway on your website

Do you want to allow the visitors of your websites to send SMS message simply to you or anyone?
Nothing is easier than to use our system. Place on your website the form that will contain max. two fields, i.e. phone number of the recipient and text of SMS message. After sending the form, our portal will process its data and SMS will be sent to entered number.
Alternatively you can improve your contact form, instead of writing an e-mail to you by customers, they can quickly send a free SMS message, which reaches you immediately.

Advertising and discounted messages

You can send to your customers SMS message with discounted coupon that can be used to apply for a discount on your website. It is simpler, faster and incomparably cheaper solution than to print paper voucher and deliver it to customer.

Message may also include information of ongoing or upcoming sell-out, news, last minute, and so on.

Receiving of customers

Do you have store, restaurant, pizzeria, rental or any other offline operation? SMS marketing may be also used in this area. We ensure you comfortable, fast and affordable solution how to reach a new and actual customers as well, who will be glad to come back to your company - SMS message is more personal than e-mail or leaflet.

If you do not know how to reach contacts of a new potential customers, contact us and we will be happy to help you also in this area.

Information and notification SMS messages

You can inform your customers about status of their order (receiving, processing, shipping), alternatively you can confirm them, for example, reservation to cinema, theater, booking of accommodation, to send them a reminder, a reminder of invoice due date, purchasing a ticket for train, bus, order confirmation from a doctor and so on. Our system has a big range of use.
Enhance the security of your apps when signing in. For example, if your customer logs into the system, he will receive notification SMS message with information about login. Similar service is also used by banks in internet banking. Or you can identify the user with SMS message when signing up and so verify its phone number.

Our system has a range of ways to use, if you have an idea and you do not know how to solve it, we can try to advise you and realize your idea.

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